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Article publié par Alain Fontaine le 26/10/2011 à 16:15
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We have to accept the idea that French cuisine is under attack from the food processing sector. This sector has entered our kitchens in a variety of ways which no one considered during the debate on traceability, product origin transparency and the notion of fresh and unprocessed products.

We have drawn up this non-exhaustive list of ways for you, and we will provide a few words of conclusion at the end:
  • French agriculture, which continues to suffer and recede from view, by reducing the selection of good, authentic products;
  • Deruralisation, by the closing of schools, post offices, etc.;
  • The weakening of knowledge imparted in hotel schools and other apprenticeship training centres, faced with the upsurge in ready-to-cook food;
  • Materials which cost too much when bought individually, and which, as a result, cost much less for food-processing multinationals;
  • Staff costs which are much too high, leading some of us to turn to finished products to reduce them;
  • The impossibility of increasing prices to pass on the cost of fresh products, in an economic system which is inclined more towards slowdown than growth;
  • The upbringing of new generations, who are accustomed to industrial flavours and who are, sometimes, unsettled by dishes made with fresh products;
  • Strict regulations on the usage of fresh products for cooking, which, obviously, favours the rise of finished products;
  • A lack of know-how on the usage of fresh products with regard to hygiene and taste, which leads some people to say that a top-quality frozen product is better than a fresh product which has been lying in a cold storage room for several days and which bears only a vague resemblance to its original freshness...
Provisional end of the list – please feel free to carry on. 
In conclusion, here is the recipe for completely fresh cooking:
  • Surround yourself with well-trained people with decent salaries;
  • Do not make any concessions on the quality of the products you bring in;
  • Work between 70 and 80 hours a week;
  • Love your job, as if it was the love of your life;
  • Forget that you will earn money, but still enough to support your family;
  • Love the earth, love smells, love the heat of the kitchen (especially in summer), love people;
  • Welcome customers as if you were welcoming them into your own home, and remind yourself that for them only the best is good enough;
  • And above all, be passionate about what you do.
So, perhaps...
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