Le Petit Mesturet €26.00: 1 Starter + 1 Main course  OR 1 Main course + 1 Dessert
Le Grand Mesturet €31.50: 1 Starter + 1 Main course + 1 Dessert

Select your dishes from the menu below:




 Potimarron (chestnut-flavoured pumpkin) soup with cardamom, cubes of smoked duck                                  8,90 €
 Crawfish dumpling, Nantua sauce (béchamel and crawfish), light polenta 9,00 €
 Traditional pâté en croûte layered with tarragon and Joseph Drouhin's Bourgogne Aligoté jelly 9,00 €
 Sliced lamb's tongue with green Du Berry lentils in sesame oil  9,00 €
 Button mushroom stuffed with snails (9 pieces), Colbert butter sauce (lemon, parsley, tarragon) 8,90 €
 Starter of the day (see the blackboards)  8,90 €
 Suggestion: Terrine of lightly cooked duck, stewed leeks with Ile de Ré salt, spelt bread (supplement of €8 in set menus) 17,10€  




 Grilled rib steak (300g), « financière sauce » (Madère, truffles, mushrooms), duck fat sautéed potatoes sprinkled with chopped parsley   19.80€  
 Brandade of fresh cod with pink garlic from Lautrec, organic lemon and beetroot and white onion salad 18.50€
 Fillet of pollack, walnut oil persillade, broccoli mousseline 17.90€
 Braised leg of duck, turnip jus, pan-fried Jerusalem artichoke with herbs 17.60€
 Stewed Brittany pork cheek and oyster mushrooms, steamed potatoes and a Tannat and juniper berry sauce  18.50€
 Traditional thick knife-cut steak tartare, served with potatoes sautéed with parsley  18.60€
 Main course of the day (see the blackboards) 17.60€


  • Grandmother’s Favourites          
 Traditional creamy veal stew, with pilau rice and little onions (no carrots in this recipe)                        19.00 €

 Limousin lamb and dried fruit pastilla, aniseed jus, squash and coriander loaf

18.50 €
 Butcher’s choice calf’s head in ravigote sauce*, steamed vegetables, (* olive oil, vinegar, capers, gherkins) 17.60 €


  • Vegetarian Dishes
 Chicory and Monalisa potato flan with Bleu D’Auvergne cheese and walnuts from the Berry region                                                   17.60 €
 Dauphinoise sweet potato, crisp Ile de France salad 17.60 €




 Classic regional farmhouse cheeses : Crottin de Chavignol, Brie de Melun, Gruyère français, Munster, Fourme d’Ambert 9.40 €
 Soft Faisselle country cheese served with garlic and chives or with with chestnut crème 8.90 €





 Authentic Paris Brest pastry with praline-flavoured cream (not for small appetites) 8,90€ 
 Bourdaloue pear tart, caramel sauce 9,00 €
 Philadelphia cheese-cake, candied walnut coulis 9,00 €
 Orange and fresh mint mousse, mendiants meringue 8,90€ 
 Diced apple in acacia honey and ginger, gingerbread ice-cream  9,00 €
 Coconut parfait, matcha green tea coulis 9,00 €
 Tonka bean Crème Brûlée 8,90€ 
 Dessert of the day (see the blackboards) 8,90 €

 Our ice creams and sorbets (3 scoops of your choice) : 

Ice creams: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, gingerbread

Sorbets: mango, organic lemon, pineapple, blackcurrant

  GOURMET COFFEE (coffee with a selection of the day’s pastries) 8,90€ 


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