If you don’t have time to eat at the restaurant, we offer an express service at the bar.

Our Express Formules

Le Plat au Zinc (A Course at the Bar) : €12.00

Daily main course special + 1 glass of wine or 1 mineral water + coffee

Le Malin Complet (Completely Clever): €11.00

All on one plate, tasting-size portions: starter
+ daily main course special + cheese + dessert

Le Mestdog : €8.70

Special Mesturet hot dog: Viennese bread, Frankfurt sausage,
lettuce and new potatoes

Duck Burger : €12.00

Hamburger bun, foie gras, filet of duck, duck confit,
grilled vegetables, green salad

Classic Chicken Club Sandwich : €8.80

Sandwich bread, pan-fried chicken, mayonnaise, lettuce,
hard-boiled egg, tomato, grilled bacon

Onion Soup : €8.90 

Assortment of raw veggies : €9.80

Plain or with ham, chicken or cheese

Assortment of cold cuts and cheeses : €17.00

Snacks Between Friends. Quality pork meats and farmhouse cheeses

Fabulous Philly Cheesecake – the Real Thing!: €6.90

All desserts from the restaurant menu: €6.90


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