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Article publié par Alain Fontaine le 24/10/2011 à 17:39
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Moody’s, you say, Moody’s.
There are great nations which have experienced the greatest victories and the greatest defeats against human stupidity and barbarism. They gave much of humankind its thought, its immense culture as well as its philosophy. 
This world has made it though every storm and will make it through others. Horrors have given way to more pleasant things and vice versa. Freedom has often been won at the expense of enormous sacrifices... even recently. 
And suddenly... an agency appears from who knows where and takes it upon itself to rate these countries, and their leaders simply accept their ratings as good marks or as punishments. What are they playing at? Dear leaders, do not demean US and send Moody’s packing.
However, you could, possibly, give us some information on the world’s poverty lines. There are certainly many agencies which study that. It would be good to know their scoring. It’s a shame - you could be coming up with solutions. That, we  could understand. Oscar Wilde would have summed it up like this: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”.


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