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Article publié par Alain Fontaine le 24/10/2011 à 17:37
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Often in the history of sport, the greatest champions, the greatest teams, fail on the brink of victory. The path to victory is not always open to the best. In football, for example:
  • Puskas’ and Kocsis’ Hungary during the 1954 World Cup (older people still remember)
  • Johan Cruijff ‘s Netherlands in the 1974 World Cup
  • Platini’s France  in the 1982 and 1986 World Cups.
They all became heroes, living triumphs, because they were above all fine, great champions, the kind who treat their sport with respect.
This is why coming second doesn’t bother us, we often prefer panache over victory, and this is why we are so fond of champions like Raymond Poulidor, who has become a legend and il will happen the same with the French rugby team from Eden Park.


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