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Article publié par Alain Fontaine, the owner le 03/08/2011 à 10:47
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We don’t often comment on the news, but sometimes we have to respond when faced with the impossible and the intolerable. Therefore, a short, but pointed thought of the day. The tragedy in Norway makes it obvious once again that there is a return of something of the beast (or worse, but there isn’t a word for it) in human beings.
Over the last century, science and technology have made considerable progress, giving mankind an unprecedented level of comfort and security. It’s unfortunate that not all of humanity is of course on equal footing in this respect, but things are advancing inexorably towards a better world.
At the same time, as bad must balance out with good, the individual is regressing: the successive tragedies around the globe of which we are spectators and sometimes victims, proves this. A contemporary philosopher recently mentioned in a book “it is essential to be indignant and vigilant.” It’s more than that: we have to be on guard against the dark cave so that humans never go back there and so lose the light that has allowed them to progress so much.
The turnaround is a possibility. We can go backwards very quickly and be helped along with the science and technologies we have created.
Be careful… Be careful… And always hope…


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