Mesturet anecdotes: Be careful of overly-friendly farewells

Article publié par Alain Fontaine le 27/09/2011 à 15:46
Catégories : Mesturet Anecdotes
Tags : anecdotes
Be careful of overly-friendly farewells. Several years ago, a group of people were leaving the restaurant, delighted with their meal. I had noticed that one of the guests was pregnant, so, as they were leaving, I said to the lady in question in a composed voice: “Good luck with the baby,” looking pointedly at her stomach. “But I’m not pregnant!” she replied, turning on her heels, rather annoyed. In fact, she was just plump, especially around the stomach area... I don’t think I’ve ever blushed so hard in all my career as then, much to the hilarity of my colleagues. So be careful of overly-friendly farewells!


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