Le Mesturet's wine of the week: Domaine de La Garde

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Live with the Winegrower, Le Mesturet’s Wine of the Week

Cahors and Local Wine from Quercy
La Garde Estate, Jean Jacques Bousquet
During the holidays, if you’re near Cahors, don’t hesitate to stop by Jean Jacques Bousquet’s. A passionate wine grower with reasonable prices.
You can taste:
1. A.O.C. Cahors 2006 Domaine de La Garde -- matured in oak casks, the grape variety is 100% Malbec. A wine with jammy fruit aromas and already a beautiful roundness in the mouth. €8.50 per bottle (all taxes included) 
2. Rosé from Domaine de La Garde 2010 Côteaux du Quercy – gold medal winner in the 2011 concours général. Grape varieties: Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Gamay. A tasty rosé with a lovely freshness despite a strong body. Sustained aromas of strawberries and raspberries. €4.80 per bottle (all taxes included).
3. Lastly, an apéritif that surprised our guests: Le Ratafia. Fermented grape juice and eau de vie. An apéritif full of flavour with a well-balanced sweetness and walnut aromas. €12.90 per bottle (all taxes included).
If you place an order, please add approximately €0.80 per bottle for transportation. Of course, you can also buy direct at the estate when you visit. 
Domaine de La Garde
Le Mazut
46090 La Bastide Marnhac
Phone: 05 65 21 01 61 
Mobile: 06 03 89 72 45
Website: www.domainedelagarde.com
If you pay a visit to Jean-Jacques, don’t forget to tell him that you know Le Mesturet. You’ll receive a very warm welcome.
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