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The quality is the creed of this excellent bistro located in the Bourse, Opéra, Palais Royal triangle. The origins of the ingredients at this restaurant are a veritable “Tour de France”. Friendly staff and an excellent wine list (wines available by the glass). All in all, they well earned one of our stars.   At the bar and in the dining room, this is a lively place frequented by people who love the good things in life. Besides the traditional (“Grandmother’s”) dishes like head of veal, pot-au-feu (traditional dish of beef simmered with vegetables) or veal in white sauce, you can also find one of the very few places in the capital that does a knife-cut Beef Tartar. Finally, we also like their utterly reasonable prices.
Here’s a bistrot that’s doing its job with the same energy as it did seven years ago, the same team, the chef and, thank heavens, the same passion. The menu has changed, but the core idea has stayed the same: a high-quality bistro-bourgouis menu with rabbit in aspic with rosemary and a yellow pepper coulis, thin-crust sardines with tapenade, mildly spiced mutton stew and head of veal in a vinaigrette sauce with chopped boiled eggs, gherkins, capers and herbs.   Not exactly cheap, but the excellent quality-price ratio is the primary selling point of this bistrot-brasserie that’s taken by storm every day starting at 12:30. Behind its neo-rustic and debonnair charms, it’s seriously hopping during the rush… The feel of the place? Tables elbow to elbow, wait at the bar, 200 orders taken per hour, well put together dishes like the little rabbit paté with rosemary, vegetable chutney and whole grain bread or the sublime free-range guinea-fowl with rose and savory garlic gravy and Parmesan vegetable risotto.


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Reviews in the Press and on the Web

www.doitinparis.fr, 05/10/2011

Le Mesturet, a bistro with a warm welcome (located close to the Paris stock exchange) is run by Alain Fontaine and his team. A cuisine that comes from the heart, uses fresh ingredients and a touch of passion – the way I like it! You feel at home!


  Les Echos, 4-5/02/2011

From article entitled : Paris à l’heure des festins d’hiver

[…]Le Mesturet, a Parisian tavern kept by a very present Alain Fontaine (reception, taking orders,…) devotes much of its menu to home-cooking classics mouth-wateringly prepared. In top form and always on the menu: the veal in white sauce served in a casserole dish and cooked with onions and mushrooms (without carrots), basmati rice on the side. Available only on Sundays, the traditional meat and bean casserole from the South West has its fan

Télé Paris Obs, 15-21/01/2011

From article entitled : Béton, ce zinc !

Eating on the run here (from 8am to 4pm and 7pm to midnight, 7 days a week) we escape the endless ham and butter sandwich, toasted ham and cheese sandwich and other criminals of the counter. A mini-menu rests its elbows on the bar with a good dose of imagination. Here the Périgord comes to the rescue of foie gras in a hamburger bun, filet and confit of duck, grilled vegetables, green salad making the Duck Burger (€10.50) which you can stuff yourself with. In the same vein, the hot dog becomes the Mestdog (€7.50): Viennese bread, Frankfurt sausage, lettuce and for the Parisian part, new potatoes that really are from here. A dozen generous offerings from an onion soup (€6) that isn’t dishwater to a daily special (€10) with a glass of wine.

  La Belle France, août 2010

From article entitled : Paris Notes, What’s New, What’s Next, What’s Best

[…] And the best bistro category, we’ll place our bets with Alain Fontaine’s fabulous Le Mesturet in the Bourse district. A recent revisit delighted us with luscious rosemary / apricot chicken and one of the most value conscious wine list in town. Check it out!

Le Quotidien du Médecin, 26/02/2009

From article entitled : Le Mesturet, à Paris 2e, Tout simplement bon

A remarkable bistro the way we like them and where you can find several rare dishes that hark back to the cuisine of old.
Enlightened gourmets have long known about this typically Parisian bistro and enjoyed its menu rich and laden with pleasant surprises delivered with a remarkable price-quality ratio. With dishes resolutely anchored in the traditional and family cuisine of France, Alain Fontaine and his chef, Pascal Brot regale their guests with offerings that bring back memories.

  Le nouvel Obs Paris Ile-de-France, 23-29/10/2008

From article entitled : Honorable et malin

[…] under the hedgehogs of bottle in the dining room in a delicious muddle of decor, it can also be a question of tackling a hearty fixed menu (27 €) making the most of all the straightforward pleasures of an honest, familiar cuisine that doesn’t betray its origins. Pot-au-feu (traditional dish of beef simmered with vegetables), beef in aspic with a Ravigote (highly seasoned) sauce, zucchini paté with cilantro and almonds, marbled rib steak in Maury wine, leg of lamb with garlic and white beans in goose fat, and mesturet. By the way, in the Occitan dialect, ‘mesturet’ also meant ‘a type not often associated with’: not the case here!

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